SedTrend builds on the shoulders of its predecessor, GeoSea Consulting (Canada) Ltd., which was originally founded in 1985. SedTrend works with international clients to provide a full environmental understanding in order to better understand project requirements and reduce the uncertainties of all sediment management issues.

Dr. Patrick McLaren developed the theory of STA while a research scientist with the Geological Survey of Canada. Based on observations in pioneering under-ice SCUBA studies in the high arctic, Dr. McLaren was able, for the first time, to document how sediments change their distributions when transported and deposited. 

Following the publication of his classic theory in 1985 by McLaren and Bowles, STA is now used extensively to solve practical problems associated with sediment transport. Its fundamental strength lies in the fact that complete understanding is achieved using the sediments themselves as the data. Not only are assumptions unnecessary, but the results must be correct.


For over 25 years, STA has been successful providing understanding and solutions for a wide variety of international projects. 

Our clients include: 

  • Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW), Germany
  • Government of Barbados
  • Government of Canada
  • Halcrow Group (UK)
  • Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management (Netherlands)
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers 
  • Washington State Department of Ecology